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Bondyram® TL4702

Bondyram® TL4702


A new Tie Resin product for the Double Bubble and the Triple Bubble technology 


The Double Bubble or Triple Bubble film process is a technology used to produce bi-axially orientated film. This technology is characterized by simultaneous stretching in the machine and transverse directions, resulting in orientation similar to the conventional process. The Double Bubble process also enables a balanced stretching of the film, which results in the same shrinkage in both directions

The high barrier multi layers films made by this technology are used for production of casing packaging for sausages, cheese, meat etc.

In this technology the First Bubble is a relative thick film made from 5 or 7 layers with Polyamide or EVOH as oxygen barrier layer.

In the second stage the bubble is heated, stretched and blown and by this way we are getting the bi orientated film.

The Triple Bubble adds to this technology the option of x-link of the film in the last stage to get extra resistance to heat.


This special technology demands a very strong but flexible adhesion layers; Polyram offers two “ready to use” products:

Bondyram® TL4109E – for Double Bubble lines – a mature product in Polyram.

Bondyram® TL4702 – for Triple Bubble – a new product of Polyram.


What are the main advantages of the new Bondyram TL4702 grade?

The main challenge our R&D team faced was that in this technology the film is stretched in a relative low temperature, the differences in the mechanical properties of the different layers can cause stress between the layers, and our Tie layer's job is to hold the structure and compensate the forces on the film.

The Bondyram® TL 4702 is designed with extra adhesive force and flexibility to absorb this stress forces especially in the Triple Bubble.

The product offers high MA content (for ready to use), high elongation and transparency as expected from such product.


Meat shrink bags:


  Sausages in colored casings:    




For more technical or commercial information, you are welcome to contact: Mr. Eli Katan elik@polyram-group.com